May Diary



       3rd Whitney Queen of the Night 7.30pm - Lady Sugar Cube


            8th  Coffee Morning at Dobbie's 10.30am - Queen Mary

        9th Evening Book Group 7.30pm - Madame Plume Rouge

                   17th Pub Quiz 8.15pm - Madame Plume Rouge


               We are looking for a new Walking Group Leader, 

     please contact Queen Mary if you are interested in taking over


                            May Birthdays

13th - Princess Tulip

18th – Lady Norma di Bellini

23rd – Princess Sweet Pea

25th – Princess Cherry Blossom

29th - Lady Flower Power 

31st – Duchess of Dance



            Birthday Wishes and Hatter Hugs


       Lovely Birthday Girls ....

       We hope you all have a perfect day