Milton Keynes Scarlet Sparkles

Forthcoming  Events 2014  


October 30th, Tower of London Poppies & Borough Market, Madame Plume Rouge

November 16th, Chocolate Funday afternoon, Marquesa de Beaulieu

November 24th, MK Theatre Marty Wilde Show, The Dappy Duchess of Dartford

          November 25th BBC Visit & Manchester Xmas Markets Madame Plume Rouge

November 27th, Dobbies Pampernight, November Birthday Girls 

December 5th Christmas Cheese & Wine Queen Scarlet 

                      December 12th  Casino Night  Princess Pushy/Queen Scarlet                           



January, date TBA, Wilton Hall

25th January, Burns Night Supper in Newport Pagnell

12th February, Jersey Boys, MK Theatre, Sign up invited 

  17th March - Grand Lodge & Sherlock Holmes, Sign up invited

March. date TBA Curry Night,       

             April 17th-20th  Dutch Bulb Fields/The Hague  Sign Up invited 

     April 25th Red Hat Day Hoot, King's Lynn

                    May, dates TBA, MK outings, also Greyhound racing                  

June 5-8th Red Hat Party Weekend, Bournemouth £189 Sign up Invited

June 18th   Alternative Ascot at Willen   Sign up invited