Milton Keynes Scarlet Sparkles

Forthcoming  Events 2014  




 September 18th Olney Museum and Tea Marquesa de Beaulieu

September 27th  St Albans Flower Festival  Madame Plume Rouge

October 8th  Towcester Races, Princess Pushy

October 30th, Tower of London Poppies & Borough Market, Madame Plume Rouge

November 16th, Chocolate Funday afternoon, Marquesa de Beaulieu

November 24th, MK Theatre Marty Wilde Show, The Dappy Duchess of Dartford

          November 25th BBC Visit & Manchester Xmas Markets Madame Plume Rouge 

December 5th Christmas Cheese & Wine Queen Scarlet 

                      December 12th  Casino Night  Princess Pushy/Queen Scarlet                           



  February, Jersey Boys, MK Theatre, Date TBA        

             April 17th-19th  Dutch Bulb Fields/The Hague  Sign Up invited                   

June 5-8th Red Hat Party Weekend, Bournemouth £189 Sign up Invited

June 18th   Alternative Ascot at Willen   Sign up invited