How Do I Join?

If you would like to join us please send an email to: along with the following information:

Name: Address:

Telephone Number:

Mobile Number:

I..C.E: (In case of emergency telephone number - we may need this)

Your Birth Day and Month: (dd/mm)

Email Address:

Nom de chapeau: (a frivolous ‘Red Hat’ name for you, eg Lady Godiva, Princess Potty etc. This could be connected to an interest or a place name that means something to you)

We collect a joining fee of £10 and thereafter a yearly subscription of £10 to cover administrative costs.

Our regular rendezvous are free -  other activities may/may not be chargeable depending on the event.

We only ask that you wear a Red Hat, Purple Clothing and of course a smile, and that you are prepared to make lasting friendships and most of all to  LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH.