September Diary
            3rd  Coffee Morning at Dobbie's 10.30am - Lady Twinkle Toes

                     3rd Book Group 7.30pm - Madame Plume Rouge

          5th Red Hat Regalia Bring & Buy Sale 5pm-8pm  - Princess Pushy

             19th Warhorse at MK theatre 7.30pm  - Lady Sugar Cube
                           (Note: reminder for those already booked - no places remaining)

                     19th Pub Quiz 8.15pm - Lady Norma di Bellini

                     26th Pasha Turkish Grill 7.00pm - Punkie Lady

                27th Bombay Sapphire Distillery 8.30am - Lady Felina

                       27th Walking Group 10.30am - Princess Tulip


                            September Birthdays

4th – Lady Millie Magenta

11th – Lady Sweet Aroma

14th – Lady Ultra Violet

18th – Dolphin Lady

19th – Dame Dolly Bird

20th – Scarlet Lilley

26th – Dame Footloose

29th – Lady Bowler


            Birthday Wishes and Hatter Hugs
       Lovely Birthday Girls ....
       We hope you all have a perfect day